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Gregory Hügel graduated from Berklee College of Music where he exhaustively studied Jazz and Classical piano repertoire, all the while having a propensity towards the Pop and R'n'B worlds. 


Gregory moved to Los Angeles in 2015, where in his first year he interned at movie trailer music giant, redCola, proceeded by synth programming for powerhouse movie trailer and video game composer Mark Petrie. Following this bustling career stint, Gregory decided to dive back towards his passion of playing and touring.


In doing so, doors quickly flung open, affording him the opportunity to play for four Los Angeles based artists, X-Factor finalist CeCe Frey, Isabelle, and Matthew Grant (Polydor Records), as well as to tour with Columbia Records' breakout artist Quinn XCII

Gregory has enjoyed handling Synth Bass and Keys duties for Quinn XCII, playing some of the biggest festivals across the country, including successful runs at Firefly, Mamby and Breakaway.

This past Summer, he was honoured to partner with the creative team at Humble Beast Records, scoring a trio of powerful vignettes that premiered at their Canvas Conference in Portland, Oregon. While on the road, Gregory is actively writing new music, intent on creating the sound of tomorrow whilst upholding the lineage of his craft.

This Fall, Gregory will continue his dynamic dual-role on stage, Synth Bassist and Keys Player, as Quinn XCII and team embark across venues spanning the continent.

Gregory Hügel is endorsed by British synthesizer company, Modal Electronics and Swedish electronic instrument manufacturer, nord.

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