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gregory thomas hügel is a Los Angeles based composer who graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2012 with a B.M. in Film Scoring and Composing for New Media. Upon locating to LA in 2016, he began to sound design for top tier trailer composer Mark Petrie, who does custom trailer work for Audionetwork and Audiomachine.


Additionally, Gregory's work as an ambient electronic artist has grabbed the attention of U.K. based Music Vine, a high end music library where he is now currently rostered.

hybrid scoring


In the beginning of 2020 he undertook the behemoth task of sound designing for the Boston

Museum of Science's Mugar Omni Theater's

5 minute long immersive pre-show, that puts to test the sound system of one of the greatest and select few dome theaters in the world. His work augmented LA Primetime Television Composer, Ben Zecker's underscore, whom together effectively replaced the  previously comissioned work of John Williams', that ran for a staggering 23 years at the Mugar Omni Theater.

trailer sound design


bespoke sound design to augment and bolster orchestral scores and soft-synth

replacement with characterful hardware patches

Avengers: End Game

Blade Runner 2049


ambient textural work

drawing influence from musique concrète and splashes of mid-century synthesizer technique, wrapped with a post-modern minimalism finish,

gregory's debut album autobiographie was released in 2016

deploying only one hybrid analogue british synthesiser for this release to music vine, was an exercise in finding dynamic possibilities in the power of programming limitations


in an exercise to demonstrate his ability to replace all sounds with his own custom foley and dynamic sound design with hardware synthesizers, sampling motorized tools and his own voice to recreate the affectionate sounds of these lovely robots.

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